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Why do we hate?

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Why we hate others? This is the most common question I asked myself and first answer come in my mind because we taught to hate, we hate because we are ignorant, we are the product of ignorant people who have been taught an ignorant thing which is there are four five races. But there are no four or five races there is only one race on the face of earth and we all are member of that race, The Human Race.

But we separated people in races so some of us can see our self superior to others. We thought it would work but i guess it hasn’t work and it’s been bad for everyone. Well this is time to get over this business now. There is no genes for racism, there is no genes for bigger, you don’t born a bigger, you have to learn to be a bigger or superior. So far anything you learn, you can unlearn. It’s time to unlearn bigger tree, it’s time to get over this thing. The question is how??

  1. Think like a human.
  2. Judge people by their behaviour not colour or religion.
  3. Always be humble and down to earth.
  4. Appreciate good things, doesn’t matter where it comes from.
  5. Help victims of hatred, at least by words.

Think like a human:

Sounds stupid!! Well we all are human and some of us are well educated but unfortunately due to some stupid people’s influence our thinking change and sometime we put humanity behind the wall and do terrible things which a human not suppose to do. So if you found someone around you manipulating with other’s mind, just stop him/her even if it’s about religion. Because no religion told people to kill or abuse other human. Don’t let them play with your brain. Use your free will.

Judge people by their behaviour not colour or religion.

There are so many bad people in the world in different colour or religion. Never judge a person by his colour or religion. Charity and nobility don’t have any colour and religion same as evilness comes without colour and religion. Don’t blame others for one person’s sins because it’s possible someone one is blaming you for things you never done. So break the chain and bring change by yourself. Appreciate good people and discourage bad ones.

Always be humble and down to earth:

Greatness comes with great responsibility, if you are great then behave like a great. No one born bigger, you have to become bigger but don’t forget what you were after become bigger. Usually people lost their mind when they become a successful person. Which is a mental disorder, trust me it is. If you want to be a great person then grow with others. Groom yourself then others also otherwise you just wasting your time on earth because when you die no one will remember you. So left your legacy in the form of humbleness and knowledge, always down to earth when meet someone.

Appreciate good things, doesn’t matter where it comes from:

Appreciation is the best key to give confident people and by doing that you gain others respect and trust and this is the beginning of healthy relationship. So don’t be rude and appreciate others for their good things whatever colour or religion they belonged. Small words of appreciation will create a hidden but strong bond between you and others.

Help victims of hatred, at least by words.

If you are or were a victim of hatred or racism then you definitely know the feelings and pain but if you are not then at least pretend that you can understand that feeling. Words are dangerous weapon every human carrying with him/her and it could be healing medicine also. It’s up to you how wise you chose your words. So if you find any victim around you help him with your hand but I’d you can’t then at least your words.

there are so many answers or I guess reasons for hating peoples but does they deserve your hate? What happen if someone hate because of your success? Do you deserved that? Or might be you don’t care. There are so many thoughts in my mind about hating others but most important how can we help each other about this.. If you are solving a problem then first step should be identify the problem.

Martin Luther King Jr. Said: I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

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