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Looking for Accommodation? Be-aware of Scammers!

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I am writing this because i faced a lot of trouble during my home searching process in Munich. I was new here and looking for permanent accommodation and i am sure many of you guys already know that it’s very hard to get accommodation in Munich due to shortage of residencies and huge crowed in the form of students and professionals. Living in Munich is not easy as i thought. It’s a big challenge but trust me if you don’t know german and new here don’t worry you can survive, here you will find many german people who can speak english.

Well, let’s come to the topic. Since house searching is big challenge in Munich, it opens  doors of earning for scammers as well and they are using many popular websites for their purpose. So how you can identify those scammers without knowing any technical knowledge. I just created few guidelines for me which i want to share with you guys also.

  1. Never Trust on Long Emails
  2. Careful with Facebook Groups
  3. Don’t pay until meet in private
  4. Never share your identi until you confirmed
  5. Don’t bother to send request on without image objects

Never Trust on Long Emails

During the house searching you are submitting a lot of requests on different places speciality on facebook and doing private messaging to landlord or sub landlords so it comes to reply from other side be careful when you are receiving long stories and person is not in the same city and country. When you find something like this then don’t waste your time on it because it just a scammer nothing else, below attaching screenshots might be helpful understanding my point.

Careful with Facebook Groups

I have been looking for an apartment desperately and during the process i joined a lot of facebook groups and some of them looks very reliable and i am sure they would be reliable but people in those groups are not reliable especially when they giving you attracting offer which doesn’t look according to current market. I suggest don’t even bother to message them or comment their posting because they are completely fake plus if you go on their profiles you won’t find enough information when you start conversation with them they will tell you a good story which indicate clearly “you going on wrong way”

Don’t Pay until meet in private

Most of people will try to scared you by saying “do hurry i have a lot other request waiting for my reply” or something like that but don’t worry and scared asked them i am ready for an appointment and let me know when i can visit the property. If it’s real he/she will give you an appointment otherwise you will receive a story so don’t get involve in the story and don’t pay until you visit the place.

Never share your identity until you confirmed

Usually people ask for your income initially during tenant contract but if someone asking for your passport or id, don’t share it because if it’s fake or scam, your id could be misused. So sharing your identification should be last step and if you still has doubt then before sharing your id copy put a watermark on it and mentioned address of the house you going to rent with text verification only. For example if the house address ABC street 345, then you water must be “for ABC Street 345 verification only”. It’s mean you restricted your id verification only for the address and it can not be use for other purpose.

Don’t bother to send request on without image objects

Most of the website has a lot of listing for house rents, if you looking for house or apartment don’t submit request on without picture objects because 90% of them are fake well but it’s not mean that object with picture couldn’t be fake. It just about saving your time and effort.

Moral of the story is looking for apartment or house for rent is not a easy job, i prefer real estate posting rather then individuals plus real Airbnb is also safe as i did an appointment from there but it’s not for long term, if you guys face any scam during your house searching feel free to add and share because your experience might be save someone to get robe.

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